Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A wonderful weekend at the Institute

On Saturday, October 25, our Ohio chapter, headed by Minister Gerald J. Evans (Minister Lawrance Evans' brother)came to Rochester for the annual trustee meeting/open house. We ate, socialized and learned about the possible changes for the 30th AAFRO Festival in July 2009 in terms of participation and fund raising requirements. The trustees reviewed the past fiscal year financial statements from both the national (Rochester) and Ohio offices.

On Sunday, October 26, Minister Lawrance Evans stressed the importance of using our gifts or talents to build or use for positive purposes. We must be impressed with what a person does with what (s)he has, not just what (s)he says or wears.

Don't forget the Doology workshop this Sunday (Nov 2) at 11 am, 219 Hamilton Street, Rochester NY and the Doology lecture at 4 pm Nov 2, 219 Hamilton Street. The workshop is geared towards doers and the lecture is geared toward followers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Hour on October 19

Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr. noted that in order to hold other people accountable, you must hold yourself accountable first. Sometimes we place money as more important than people or time. In order to make changes in your life and your immediate environment, you must be active and not passive. Things do not happen if you do nothing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Hour on October 12

Minister Akilah stressed that without the 4 Ts: tenacity, talent, time and talent, you will never be successful. Minister Lawrance Lee Evans re-emphasized the importance of studying people and studying from books. Being a child of God is the highest calling.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Charles Riley Tutorial Program sells our church newsletter

Yesterday (10 October 2008), Minister Lawrance Evans, accompanied by some of our adult volunteer tutors, took some of the children in the tutorial program to sell our official publication, the Black Koptic Press Release. We walked one block over to South Avenue and Alexander Street, which is a busy intersection. The childen overall were very enthusiastic and sold quite a few newsletters. Minister Evans was pleased of the young people's efforts and noted that the children need to learn how to sell.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. invites you to join students of Minister Lawrance Lee Evans St. to activities on November 2, 2008 at the First Community Interfaith Institute Inc., 219 Hamilton Street.

As an organizer, case manager, educator, and minister, Minister Evans will demonstrate in a workshop at 11:00 AM and a lecture at 4:00 PM how he uses a discipline known as Doology to help him improve people's lives and coping skills.

First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. is a spiritual and cultural organization plus a teaching church. Participants to the workshop and lecture will learn key communication strategies and what attitudes are needed to improve the community.

The workshop includes a continental breakfast and the lecture includes a dinner.

The purposes of the workshop and lecture are: (1) to give strategies for self-empowerment; (2) to increase community awareness about self-motivation; (3) to show how the community benefits from mutual respect and; (4) to promote cultural competence.

For more information call Minister Akilah Ife Evans at 585.461.0379 or 585.442.8712.

All funds that are raised will go to the Charles Riley Tutorial Program and the promotion of Kwanzaa activities.

NOTE: November 2 is the 38th anniversary of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. and the birthday of Minister Lawrance Lee Evans.

Friday, October 3, 2008

First Fruits/Kwanzaa 2008 schedule of events

Please visit our official web site, First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. for the complete First Fruits/Kwanzaa schedule. Three key events are:

  1. December 1, 2008: Kwanzaa Appreciation Program kicks off the 25 day First Fruits traditional Kwanzaa celebration.It begins at4:40 pm at 219 Hamilton Street, Rochester NY. We explain what First Fruits is, tell stories and say prayers and the young children in attendance blow the seven candles from the Kinara
  2. December 15, 2008: African Mothers Day, in which we honor all females, young and old, with flowers, as a toke of appreciation for their contributions as mothers and teachers. It takes place at 6 pm at School #33, 690 St. Paul Street, Rochester NY.
  3. January 1, 2009: Kwanzaa feast is the finale of the aforementioned First Fruits and the more popular 7 day Kwanzaa observation. We bring a dish of delicious food to pass, say thanks to God for bringing us a new year, and exchange gifts. This beautiful event will be at St. John's Home Auditorium, 150 Highland Avenue, Rochester NY.