Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now it is My Time!

Minister Evans pointed out that too often, we often use shortcuts to avoid hard work. When we use shortcuts in this manner, we do not achieve positive outcomes. We must demand that the people in our circle use their intellectual abilities. We must also demand that the same people in our circle do all they can to improve the community. Parents who engage in negative behavior can involve their child in something positive to offset the parent's negative influence.

Please join us this Sunday at St. John's Home, 150 Highland Ave,5 pm, for the special Doology: Prevention of Hopelessness and Homelessness. Minister Evans will be the keynote speaker for this awareness program that will help some of our supporters with housing issues and promote the Charles Riley Tutorial Program. Entertainment and food will be provided.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Meaning of Resurrection

Minister Evans stressed that the concept of Easter or resurrection is related to First Fruits. You can always start over. People who do not believe in resurrection too often hang with negative people. Antisocial behavior keeps people from being productive. The Meaning of Resurrection is all about relationships. If you have a nasty personality, you will have few positive relationships, if at all.

Please come to Family Hour this Sunday (April 19) as Minister Lawrance Lee Evans presents a new topic, "Now It's My Time!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doology: How to Read People

Minister Lawrance Lee Evans gave the following pointers on how to read people:
  1. we must do a self-critique of ourselves--in other words, read yourself first (look at yourself) first
 2. listen to people of all ages talk--you can learn from anyone and everyone, from the youth to the elders
 3. never look down on people
 4. know your self-importance
 5. always treat people fairly

We need to learn from sick people-- they often contribute more to society despite tremendous odds because they understand their reality and they have a greater understanding and care deeply about others.

How you spend your time and who you associate with tells a lot about you.