Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Malcolm X observation

On this special Family Hour commemorating the 84th birthday of Brother Malcolm X, Minister Evans noted that black people either like or dislike Malcolm X. We can disagree with a leader's tactics, but we must analyze the total picture in terms of the leader's organizing. In his final days, Malcolm was trying to organize a nationalist power base, but he had little help. His team was waiting for direction while he was out of the country traveling. We let Malcolm die because of our lack of organization. We cannot organize when we are complaining and not performing a self analysis of ourselves. Part of our problem is that we fall in the self-inferiority complex--we allow others to intimidate us. We must encourage intelligent people to be intelligent and teach our young people to organize.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doology: Prevention of Hopelessness and Homelessness

The first annual "Doology: Prevention of Hopelessness and Homelessness" was a major success! With an attendance of over 100 adults and children, the program featured gospel singing, African dance, award presentations, and a vocal tribute to the late singer Odetta.

Minister Lawrance Lee Evans gave award certificates to the House of Mercy, an organization in northeast Rochester that provides food and temporary housing to people in need; Brother Darryl Porter, a longtime supporter of the Institute, now special assistant to Rochester mayor Robert Duffy; and Sister Ester Gliwinski, a teacher in the Rochester City School District who regularly donates supplies to the Charles Riley Tutorial Program.

Minister Evans encouraged the audience to give back to those who helped them.