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First Fruits/Kwanzaa season is upon us!

First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. will open its First Fruits/Kwanzaa celebration on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 (6 PM) in a public open ceremony at 219 Hamilton Street. The events, activities and workshops about First Fruits/Kwanzaa will be at the headquarters of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. each evening for the month of December at 6 pm. The only exceptions will be:
The African Mothers Day celebration, which will be held at School No. 33, 500 Webster Avenue, on December 15, 2009 and
The Kwanzaa Feast, which will be held at St. John's Home, 150 Highland Avenue on January 1, 2010

A wonderful weekend of celebrating Doology!

From October 31 to November 2, the members and supporters of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. celebrated Doology as part of the 39th anniversary of the Institute. On Saturday October 31, we sang an early Happy Birthday to Minister Gerald Evans, before the trustee meeting. Our get together with our Ohio chapter was too short, however.
Sunday morning, November 1, we were treated to an excellent Doology workshop. According to Minister Lawrance Lee Evans, most people are selfish by nature and not very giving. When people get training, they often become extremely giving. Doology tries to balance between selfishness and altruism. Once a person uses Doology in their everyday living, he or she is able to develop self first and his/her community second. Doology also helps you to utilize your time constructively. Doology also improves your social skills.
Minister Evans developed Doology when he was thirteen years old, based on the informal lessons from his mentor and grandmother, Madam…