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Join us in celebrating Legacy Day!

On the first weekend in June, First Community Interfaith Institute is hosting a 3 day weekend fundraiser for our annual trip to Elyria, OH. June 6 is the birthday of the inspiration behind the Institute, Madame Martha Jordan.

June 4 (Friday) Ice Cream Social with the theme "Steps for children to Succeed" 6pm at 219 Hamilton Street

June 5 (Saturday) Doology workshop/brunch with the theme "Making our Lives Better" 11 am at 219 Hamilton Street

June 6 (Sunday) Family Hour Worship Service with African Fashion Show 4 pm at 219 Hamilton Street. Family Hour from 4-6 pm, followed by "Education is Always in Fashion show beginning at 6 pm

On Malcolm X's birthday...

Malcolm X was, among other things, an organizer. He did what he could to make his community a better place.Malcolm did not betray his people. Minister Lawrance Evans had met with Malcolm X at least once and uses Doology to make his community of Rochester NY a better place. Take a moment to read or listen or watch one of Brother Malcolm's speeches.