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32 day First Fruits/Kwanzaa schedule as observed by the Institute

In addition to the three major public First Fruits/Kwanzaa events (see November 17 post), we will have daily small prayer/folktale sessions all through December at 219 Hamilton Street. These gatherings are open to the public as well.
FIRST FRUITS Dec. 1-3, 6-10, 13-14, 16-17, 20-24: 6 pm Dec. 4, 11, 18, 25: 7 pm
KWANZAA   December 26 (Umoja): 4 pm December 27 (Kujichagulia): 6 pm December 28 (Ujima): 6 pm December 29 (Ujamaa): 6 pm December 30 (Nia): 6 pm December 31 (Kuumba) 6 pm

Show some gratitude regardless of your situation!

At First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. we learn to show and express gratitude for the simplest things. Despite the multiple challenges black people all over the Diaspora have gone through and continue to undergo, there is always room to be grateful for what you do have.  This is a clip I happen to run into from the Smiley and West radio show:

First Fruits/Kwanzaa schedule at First Community Interfaith Institute Inc.

2010 First Fruits/Kwanzaa Schedule
First Fruits is the more traditional African celebration observed in the first 25 days of December, where the students and members of the Institute light candles and tell African or African-American folktales. Our major First Fruits events are:
December 5: Kwanzaa Appreciation Program,  4 pm, 219 Hamilton Street, Rochester NY 14620 December 15: African Mothers Day, 6 pm, 500 Webster Avenue, Rochester NY 14609
January 1, 2011: Kwanzaa Feast (final day of Kwanzaa, known as Imani), 6 pm, 150 Highland Ave, Rochester NY 14620 On December 1, members of the Institute, youth and adults, are to bring a portion of the money they saved during November, Constructive Action Month. On December 15, the women and girls receive a lovely tribute including the presentation of roses by the men.

Family Hour is now Students Doology Hour!

Since 1970, First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. called its weekly fellowship and worship service "Family Hour," because it was designed for families to spend at least an hour in church together and study God's word. This past year, Minister Evans has noted that the majority of Family Hour attendees do not bring their families to worship, or the families of those who support the Institute do not accompany the active Institute student/supporter. As of October 31, 2010, Minister Evans has changed the name of the Sunday afternoon service from Family Hour to Students Doology Hour. Minister Evans' lessons of giving back and being more aware of our African heritage are primarily geared to his core group of students, but guests and others are still welcome to fellowship and eat with us on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm at 219 Hamilton Street.

Wrap-up of 40th anniversary of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc.

On October 30, First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. hosted our Ohio chapter for the Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Luncheon. Hosted by Brother Anthony Giordano, the Luncheon featured the Charles Riley Tutorial Program students performing "Reciprocity," their daily ritual honoring important figures in Black history; Minister Evans' adult students performing libation; a review of the financial reports from both the Ohio office and Rochester office, a summary of the 2009-2010 fiscal year programs and activities from both chapters, and a lecture by Minister Evans. We also celebrated the birthdays of Minister Gerald Evans and his granddaughter Afiya Evans.

On November 7, to a packed house,  we celebrated Minister Lawrance Evans'' birthday and the Institute's 40th anniversary. Halfway through what is now "Students' Doology Hour," Sister Ester Gliwinski, a long time Institute supporter and family friend of the Evans', gave a dynamic presentation …