We remember Malcolm X (1925-1965)

First Community Interfaith Institute Inc., located in the SouthWedge, will honor the contributions
of Brother Malcolm X (1925-1965) during the week of May 15-21. Malcolm X would have been
86 years old on May 19.

On Sunday May 15, beginning at 4 pm, Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr., the National Minister
of the Institute, will give a lecture on Malcolm X at Students' Doology Hour. During the week,
the Institute will focus on organizing activities and community service. On Saturday May 21, the
Institute invites the community to participate in the bottle campaign fundraiser from 1-3 PM at
219 Hamilton Street. Minister Evans asks interested people to donate their NYS cans and
bottles to help finance its educational programs.

First Community Interfaith Institute Inc., located at 219 Hamilton Street, is a spiritual and cultural
organization plus a teaching church. All activities listed above will be at 219 Hamilton Street.