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First Community Interfaith Institute Inc.'s First Fruits/Kwanzaa schedule

The 43rd anniversary of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. is coming up!

Minister Lawrance Evans returns to Youngstown!

Ma Akilah's Cultural Extravaganza is coming up!

Uhuru Week schedule (in honor of Marcus Garvey)

We're praying for you, Brother Monroe Brown!

The 34th Annual FCII Festival begins next week!

Two Doology seminars back to back this week!

Updates from the Big Lunch, Legacy Day and Rochester Institute of Technology

Legacy Day is this Sunday June 9!

The Grapevine Festival was a success, in spite of!

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The Meaning of Resurrection

The Meaning of Resurrection

Doology workshop on Sunday Mar 10

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Martin Luther King celebtation on Jan 15!