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The Meaning of Resurrection

On Sunday March 31 ("Easter"), you are invited to hear Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr. speak at the "Meaning of Resurrection," 4 pm at First Community Interfaith Institute Inc., 219 Hamilton Street. At this year's service, we will also have a memorial for the late William Bray, one of Minister Evans' earliest supporters and students, and a naming ceremony in which one of the current adult students will receive an African name.

Doology workshop on Sunday Mar 10

In honor of Women's History Month, Minister Lawrance Lee Evans will present a Doology Workshop on what would have been the 81st birthday of his trustee and student Sister Siti Akanke (aka Mary Bailey).

The workshop is titled "The Correct Struggle Against the Declaration of Inferiority." It will take place at 4 pm on Sunday March 10 at 219 Hamilton Street.

The workshop will answer such questions as: What can be done to help individuals fight against poverty, hopelessness and deprivation? What are the many "con" games that fleece the community and how can individuals protect themselves  from these flimsy programs and activities?

Please RSVP by emailing or by calling 585-461-0379.