Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Grapevine Festival was a success, in spite of!

Sister Elizabeth McGriff

On a windy Saturday evening (May 25), First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. held the Grapevine Festival outside the church, but due to audience demand, was moved indoors. Regardless, the McGriff Singers put on a great show. Minister Evans' adult students poured libation to the various heroes and sheroes. The Charles Riley Tutorial Program young students performed "Reciprocity" and paid homage to the ancestors as well. Sister Mireille Efinda was the representative for the primary sponsor, Sister Veronica Howard. Sister Mireille spoke several times during the program  about growing up in the Congo and  generally put Africa in a positive spotlight. She reminded us that by reading books, we become better speakers. Sister Mireille is a recent Master's graduate of Sr. John Fisher College. We thank Queen Mother Nana Akua Asantewaa (Sister Veronica Howard) for being the primary sponsor of the Grapevine Festival!

Minister Lawrance Lee Evans and Sister Mireille Efinda

Monday, May 6, 2013

Join us for the Grapevine Festival!

On Saturday May 25 the Institute will host the 1st Grapevine Festival. Starting at 6 pm and lasting all night, the Festival is a time for people to learn about First Community Interfaith Institute, eat good food and listen to various speakers. The Grapevine Festival is the culmination of Malcolm X Week, which begins on Sunday May 19.