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Two Doology seminars back to back this week!

Minister Lawrance Lee Evans will be traveling to Brooklyn on Monday, the prospective home of a new chapter of the Institute. On Thursday June 27 at 11 AM he will hold one Doology seminar at 4809 Snyder Ave #1F. On Friday Minister Evans will depart from Brooklyn to host a second Doology seminar at the Institute headquarters, 219 Hamilton Street. Both seminars are fundraisers for the trip to the 34th Annual FCII festival . Please show your support for one or both seminars.

Updates from the Big Lunch, Legacy Day and Rochester Institute of Technology

On June 1, the South Wedge community of Rochester paid homage to 5 older South Wedge residents who played pivotal roles in the improvement of the neighborhood in the 1970s. Minister Lawrance Lee Evans was the only African-American pioneer in the group. The artwork pictured above was the award given to Minister Evans.

June 9 was the first Legacy Day without Minister Akilah. The adult students poured libation, two young students in our Charles Riley Tutorial Program performed "Reciprocity," and Sister Serwa Balkum, one of Minister Evans' former students, promoted  her latest book, Why Should I Cry! Prior to Minister Evans' presentation, Sister Veronica Howard, a newcomer to the Institute, gave an excellent presentation on her two year assignment as a Peace Corps worker in an Ashanti rural village in Ghana. She was given the name of Queen Mother Nana Akua Asantewaa by the matriarchal leadership of the community, and also displayed two stools from Ghana during her prese…

Legacy Day is this Sunday June 9!

LEGACY DAY Sunday, June 9, 2013
4 pm
219 Hamilton Street (off South Av)
Legacy Day is a fundraiser for the Institute's annual trip to Elyria, OH for the 34th FCII Festival. We will be honoring the memory of Minister Evans' grandmother.
ALSO FEATURED ARE: Queen Mother Nana Akua Asantewaa (aka Veronica Howard)Author Joyce Serwa BalkumCharles Riley Tutorial Program students Jaden and Jay Simms Jr.--"Reciprocity"Students from the Ministry School of Doology-- libation  We hope to see you on June 9 at First Community Interfaith Institute Inc.!