Thursday, July 25, 2013

We're praying for you, Brother Monroe Brown!

On June 26, Minister Evans and I had the pleasure of going to True South Bookstore, owned by sole proprietor Monroe Brown from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. We were impressed by the amount of African and African American books, fiction and nonfiction, in the store. We spent almost an hour interacting with the brother, and we ended up purchasing a book for Minister Evans' two year old grandson for a birthday gift.

We were extremely shocked when we learned that Brother Brown had had a severe stroke and brain aneurysm last week (from the blog Bed-Stuy Patch). We learned too late of the store's fundraiser to attend it yesterday, but we are keeping the family and community in our prayers. We can't afford to lose another independent, grassroots business.I hope the family will be able to keep True South Bookstore going for a  long time. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 34th Annual FCII Festival begins next week!

Our Ohio chapter in Elyria is sponsoring the 34th Annual FCII Festival. If you are interested in a positive, family oriented weekend of activities, this is the place to be next weekend. The FCII Festival is always held the second weekend in July. Elyria is a town just west of Cleveland. The Festival's theme this year is "Building a Loving Community."

Below is the schedule of events:
“Building a Loving Community

                                                           THURSDAY JULY 11
6-8 PM at the Kanisa House: Lucy Battle Cookout

all events for the day at the LCCC College Center
9 am-12 pm: various activities (e.g., arts and crafts, movie, music)
12 pm: lunch
1 pm: talent show
6 pm: Elizabeth Coleman Dinner

9 am-12 pm: recreation at LCCC Ewing Center
12 pm: Ruth Hamilton lunch
1 pm: Martha's trivia
6 pm: Martha Jordan Dinner--keynote speaker is Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr.

all events for the day at Kanisa House
10 am:fellowship, refreshments
11 am: Family Worship Hour
12 pm: Lucy Battle Lunch
12:30 pm: Anger management

        Kanisa House is the headquarters of the Ohio chapter--the address is 142 Cleveland Street, Elyria OH.
     LCCC is Lorain County Community College, located at 1005 N Abbe Road, Elyria OH.
     For more info on the various events and how you can support the FCII Festival, contact or call 440.366.3244.

Memories from the 41st Minister Akilah Ife Evans Festival July 9-12, 2020

Photos were taken by Sister Tyjohnna Snow-Brown