Black History weekend of events in Rochester

On Friday, February 14 at 6:30 pm, the young and adult students will be hosting "Students Speak," at 219 Hamilton Street. The young students, all part of the Charles Riley Tutorial Program and Sophomore Ministry School of Doology, will recite facts about various heroes and sheroes for "Reciprocity." The adult students, all part of the Ministry School of Doology, will expand on their previous oral presentations on various assigned African diaspora tribes or nations such as Akan, Asante, Zulu, and the Jamaican Maroons.

On Sunday, February 16, at 4 pm, Minister Lawrance Lee Evans will give his annual Supporters Day lecture, "Doology, The South Wedge, Education and Me in the South Wedge." Supporters Day is the annual birthday tribute to one of Minister Evans' best students  and supporters, Charles Riley (1958-1997), whose birthday is February 17.

Both events take place at 219 Hamilton Street. The Kwanzaa Appeal fundraiser ends on February 16.
We hope to see you at one or both programs.