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Uhuru Week is coming!

To honor the 128th anniversary of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, First Community Interfaith Institute Inc.invites you to our weeklong Uhuru Week activities. The venue for all activities is 219 Hamilton Street in Rochester NY. Orientation for the upcoming 2015-16 school year of the Charles Riley Tutorial Program will take place at the end of the presentations listed below. We hope to see you at least one of the events.

SUNDAY AUGUST 16 STUDENT DOOLOGY HOUR “AGAINST ALL ODDS-GARVEY AND NATIONALISM” Presenter: Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr. Time: 4 pm MONDAY AUGUST 17 JOHNNY BROWN DEFENSE COMMITTEE “CREATIVITY: REMEMBER GARVEY” Entertainment by Brother Johnny Brown and Sister So-So Brown MC: Sister Brenda Lee Snow Time: 6 pm TUESDAY AUGUST 18 “Zulu Nation” Presenter: Brother Brian Griffin   Time: 6 pm WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 “Akan Nation” Presenter: Brother Zeb Coleman Time: 6 pm THURSDAY AUGUST 20