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Complete First Fruits/Kwanzaa schedule

Here is the 32 day long First Fruits/Kwanzaa schedule of events as celebrated in Rochester Unless specifically stated otherwise, all events take place at 219 Hamilton Street at 5:30 PM
December 1: Kwanzaa Appreciation Program--open house, kickoff of 32 day First Fruits/Kwanzaa season; dinner will be served December 2-3, 5-10, 12-14, 16-17, 19-24: First Fruits storytelling, prayer and lighting of candles December 4, 11, 18, 25: Student Doology Hour--4 pm Sunday service, prayer after service; dinner will be served December 15: African Mothers Day--500 Webster Ave (School #33)-- females will receive flowers from men; program begins at 5:30 PM; refreshments available December 26: Umoja December 27: Kujichagulia December 28: Ujima December 29: Ujamaa December 30: Nia December 31: Kuumba January 1, 2017: Imani-Kwanzaa feast-- 150 Highland Ave (St Johns Home)--exchange gifts, bring dish to pass (non pork), entertainment; starts at 5:30 PM

First Fruits/Kwanzaa is coming!

Here is a glance of our First Fruits/Kwanzaa season so far:

Thursday, December 1:  Kwanzaa Appreciation Program--at 219 Hamilton Street, 5:30 PM. We open our 32 day First Fruits/Kwanzaa season. First Fruits lasts from December 1 to December 25. Thursday, December 15: African Mothers Day--at School #33, 500 Webster Ave, TBAMonday, December 26: UmojaTuesday, December 27: KujichaguliaWednesday, December 28: UjimaThursday, December 29: UjamaaFriday, December 30: NiaSaturday, December 31: KuumbaSunday: January 1, 2017: Imani