In Memory of our beloved Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr

On this day in 2018 (actually 9 September), we lost a giant, our very own National Minister, Minister Lawrance Lee Evans Sr. He spent his adult life spreading the message of Doology to anyone who was willing to listen. He always paid homage to his beloved grandmother, who taught him things about African history and culture that she didn't teach to others. He shared a portion of his grandmother's message to First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. He was a fierce advocate for education not only in the public schools, but also in the home and in the churches.  He had credibility with the street culture, fellow clergymen and clergywomen, and the local(Rochester/ Monroe County, NY) political establishment. We  look forward to another year of the legacy of Doology in New York and Ohio (Minister Evans' state of birth) without our teacher and his Queen, Minister Akilah. Fortunately, Minister Gerald J. Evans, Minister Lawrance's twin, has stepped up and accomplished a great deal this past year as National Minister of both the Elyria (OH) and Rochester chapters. The Rochester chapter of the Institute must begin to step us as well. We must stand firm in continuing  Minister Lawrance's mission, i.e. "Keep it going." 
Thank you all for your continued support of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. this past year. We look forward to your presence on September  29, 4 pm at 219 Hamilton Street in the SouthWedge neighborhood, for the eighth annual Ma Akilah Cultural Extravaganza. This fundraiser will be an event of music, dance and poetry while commemorating the 52nd wedding anniversary of the Ministers Evans and the birthday of Minister Akilah.