Audio file of virtual 50th anniversary of FCII

 At the request of one of the attendees of the Zoom celebration on November 1 who did not want their image seen, the archive of the event is in audio form. If you want a copy of the video portion of the Zoom call, please contact 

All of the attendees of the Zoom celebration were either Evans family members or former students of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc.

The speakers heard in the audio are:

Sister LaShara Evans

Brother Shenuti Kawaida--gave libation

Brother Djed Snead

The Honorable Malik Evans

Dr. Lawrance Lee Evans Jr, PhD

Sister Olivia Eloi-Evans

Brother Brian Griffin

Brother Zeb Coleman

Sister Uwimana Oni

Dr. Sasha Eloi-Evans, EdD

Brother Adrian Neal

And yes, you heard the golden voices of Ministers Akilah and Lawrance Evans give their classic intros when they gave their presentations.